Transcription in English, German and Dutch

Dutch is the main language here. However, if one of a series recording to be transcribed is in English or German, or essential segments of the recordings are in English or German, we can provide a transcription for these languages as well. dLux is equipped with native speakers of both English as German in the workforce, specially for these two languages because of their frequent occurrence in the audio.

dLux transcription

dLux is a transcription service based in Amsterdam, specialising in literal, verbatim or summarized transcription of digital audio such as recorded interviews, lectures, movie scenes, focus group sessions, dictations and speeches.

Our transcripts form the basis for your research, subtitling, thesis, reporting or translation, or are being used in court.
We want you to know that dLux deals with your information in the strictest confidentiality. That's why we always send a signed confidentiality agreement.

Transcription How it works

It's easy. After you decided what kind of transcription is needed [fully literal or verbatim] and you have calculated the costs yourself on the basis of our rates you upload your audio or video recordings using this button for the final quote.

upload audio

Uploading is easy, safe, free, anonymous and without obligation. No registration or subscription is required.
We download and listen at random to your audio, and promptly returns an affordable price to the email address you've used for the uploading.
We will begin work only after you have approved the quote and we have agreed on the return date and delivery manner. The completed transcripts are flawless, of the highest quality, and provided with time markers. Most often we can even start our work on the same day.
Please upload your audio or video recordings now!

You may also call one of our friendly secretaries on
+31 6 26 106 006 to discuss your transcription needs or about uploading, possibilities, duration and rates.
Or email to
Or request a quote from the dLux contact form

Cost effective

dLux follows innovations in the transcription field with great interest and is quick to embrace the latest developments.
In order to reduce costs for you we use the newest technology which optimizes audio quality and intelligibility of recording and speakers. In addition, our experienced transcriptionists use a cutting edge speech-to-text program that significantly accelerates and perfects the transcription process.

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